United Psychological Services Therapies

Individual Therapies

United Psychological Services offers therapy to individuals, couples and families across the age spectrum. Our initial, free consultation involves individualizing each patient’s needs with the appropriate therapist. Our specialized, professional staff includes:

  • Pediatric psychologists who address the needs of the very young through the teen years with concerns such as peer relationships, family relationships, grief and anxiety, to name a few.
  • Psychologists focusing on the aged and issues related to dementia, grief and support for graceful aging.
  • Therapists specializing in divorce mediation and marriage counseling.
  • Psychologists and therapists who work with adults facing job loss, grief, relationship and parenting issues, among others.
  • Specific therapy targeting the emotional effects of cyber bullying.
  • Act as liaison with physician for medically directed diet and medication regimens through therapies focusing on compliance such as diabetic diet, weight management, sleep hygiene, CPAP use, etc.
  • Christian Counseling

Group Therapy Sessions

We also offer a wide range of group therapy opportunities at United Psychological Services addressing a wide variety of issues affecting young and old alike in our changing, sometimes stressful world.

Our groups change on a regular basis to meet the needs of our patients, particularly the young child through adolescence. Our pediatric psychologist leads participants through means of coping with peer pressure, bullying, family and peer relationships, and adjustment issues as well as developing social skills and confidence.
These groups are structured for:

  • Adolescents (12-17 yrs.) diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, autism or Asperger’s
  • Adolescents (13-17 yrs.) struggling with social integration or any number of issues prevalent in being a teenager
  • Life Skills (8-12 yrs.) focusing on bullying, adjustment issues and other demands that arise in the pre-teen years
  • Positive Development (5-7 yrs.) geared toward the positive emotional/developmental needs of the early elementary child
  • Social skills(5-8 yrs.), diagnosed across the autism spectrum focusing on peer relationships and social interaction

Please feel free to contact us regarding group therapy session we currently have available.