Teen TherapyEvery person entering into a therapeutic relationship at United Psychological Services is accorded the utmost in confidentiality and privacy. We are also committed to the successful outcome of each therapeutic relationship.

Teens experiencing behavioral health issues present a unique dynamic in therapeutic treatment. Parents entering their teen into therapy are often in a very difficult position themselves. The issues that their teen is dealing with may be a cause of stress and concern for the rest of the family. Anxiety, depression and sleep issues to name a few, often result in confrontations with other family members.

However, when your child enters therapy, the therapist tells you that you will not be involved in treatment unless your child threatens to harm themselves or someone else. This is a strict rule followed by mental health professionals, designed to provide confidentiality at a time when an individual needs to trust someone the most.

Problems often arise when the parents are left out of what seems to be very impactful decisions for both their child and their family without some understanding of what is taking place in therapy.

At United Psychological Services, we offer a unique program consisting of family meetings on a regular basis with one of our therapists trained in family systems who is treating the child in individual therapy, including the child to address the concerns that the child presents as well as the parent. In this program, therapy is not occurring without any parent involvement. Our goal is to honor the confidentiality of the teenager while continuing to address their needs from a systemic perspective providing the opportunity for the therapy to address all the issues impacting that teen’s world.