Non-medication treatments

United Psychological Services offers a highly successful, non-medication treatment to all of our patients, but particularly to address symptoms related to a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. This is an individualized program of cognitive training utilizing an established computer program (Interactive Metronome), as well as neurosensory and neuromotor exercises to dramatically enhance brain performance. It is particularly effective in improving the participant’s ability to focus, organize and concentrate. Our clinic tailors this program for each individual based on pre-program neuropsychological testing and adjusts it throughout to optimize the most effective result.

Our experience and rate of success with this program surpasses that of most clinics offering IM therapy. The tests used to diagnose ADD/ADHD reveal significant improvement in attention symptoms after completion of the program without the need for stimulant medication.

Quite often, children, adolescents and adults either stop or find it unnecessary to begin the use of stimulant medication once they have completed our program. In school age participant, reading and reading comprehension mastery improves thereby promoting academic success and furthering motivation toward school and completion of homework assignments.

This program has additional benefits for adults with ADD/ADHD as well as other diagnosed disorders. Upon completion, adults report a decrease in anxiety and depression and increased energy, alertness and motivation.

Recently, we have integrated this program in our treatment regimen to address symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder with good result.

Tests administered after participation in the brain training program have showed marked improvements in these areas over time.