Non-medication treatments

The Neurocognitive Training program offered at United Psychological Services is unique to our clinic; targeting the treatment and recovery of function for disorders of traumatic brain injury, dementia and any type of injury to the brain. This includes disorders impacting children, adults and the aging populations.

This program is designed specifically for each individual based upon their particular neuropsychological test results. Changes in the program are made based upon regularly scheduled re-evaluation and testing administered throughout the training program in order to finely tune the necessary adjustments critical to successful treatment.

The neurocognitive intervention program uses hands on activities and games specifically designed to address many cognitive deficits such as:

  • Selective attention
  • Memory processes of registration, storage and retrieval
  • Perseveration or “getting stuck”
  • Problem solving, solution generation
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Sequential analysis
  • Integration
  • Cognitive or thinking rigidity
  • Decision making
  • Word retrieval
  • Deficits in visuospatial, visuoperceptual and visuomotor processes

We have been publishing research to show the benefit of this neurocognitive treatment program and the significant improvements in these areas over time.