Psychological Evaluation for Bariatric Surgery

United Psychological Services works in conjunction with your surgeon to provide a psychological assessment as you prepare for this important surgical procedure. We follow the guidelines suggested by local hospital programs in addition to completion of a full psychological evaluation.

Following are a few of the key areas we will cover:

  • History of weight difficulties
  • Weight programs tried previously without successful outcomes
  • Reasons you’ve chosen this weight loss option
  • Support you expect to receive from friends and/or family after surgery regarding your dietary needs
  • What life changes you expect to make after surgery
  • Education, employment, relationships, health history

Psychological Evaluation for Spinal Cord Stimulation and TMS

Spinal cord stimulation is a relatively new technique in the treatment of chronic pain symptoms, particularly back pain. Surgeons performing this procedure recommend a psychological evaluation prior to surgery which we can provide at our clinic in partnership for your care.

Following are a few of the key areas we will cover:

  • The history of your pain and reason you are choosing this pain technique
  • Other pain management programs or treatments you’ve tried and their result
  • Other historical information such as general health, education, employment, relationships, substance abuse.