Memory loss is a growing concern for many of us today and can be attributed to a vast number of physical and emotional factors. Typically, memory loss is a signal of some type of problem within the brain. Memory problems can stem from exposure to toxins, a brain injury, as a sign of developing dementia or some type of deteriorating and/or disease process in the brain. You can have memory problems that result from stroke, heart disease, sleep apnea, seizures disorders and prolonged stress. It is not a factor involved with the true genetic ADD.

When you have a memory problem you may begin to forget conversations you had that day or lose things on a continual basis. You may also find yourself making several lists in an effort to cope with an inability to remember things you could once recall from memory; such as regular appointments, phone numbers or addresses.

At United Psychological Services we offer treatment that helps to slow down the progression of memory loss and depending on the timing of the intervention, can result in significant improvement; the earlier the detection; the more effective the treatment.

Accurate diagnosis is the first step.

At United Psychological Services we can:

  • Diagnose the memory problem precisely using neuropsychological evaluation to determine the cause and/or causes of memory loss.
  • Partner with your family practice physician or health professional to achieve the balance of treatment and therapy best suited to your needs.
  • Provide a specific, individualized treatment program based upon the memory problems identified in our assessment.
  • Our treatment options include an on-site and home based brain training program that has proven very successful in improving the memory of individuals who have experienced a brain injury, stroke, sleep apnea, heart disease and/or dementia diagnosis diagnosed. The brain training program has also proven very effective with children experiencing memory problems. Recent research has shown that it has a neuroprotective effect and can improve cognitive function. This program, now in use for over ten years is an effective tool in our arsenal against memory loss in young and old alike. For more information, please see: Brain/Cognitive Training