Asperger's Disorder

Asperger’s occurs in thirteen out of 10,000 children. It is primarily related to the executive processes and presents as a lack of social/emotional intelligence and general aversion or avoidance of social interactions. These children, adolescents and even adults are “loners” content to avoid all or most human contact if possible. They sometimes create their own fantasy world as a safety net. The safer they feel, the less their symptoms are outwardly apparent. The more invaded they feel and unsafe, the greater the likelihood that symptoms will manifest in the form of obsessive compulsive behavior, stereotyped behaviors such as self-stimulation, anxiety, fear responses, avoidance of eye contact and avoidance of physical proximity.

At United Psychological Services we can:

  • Provide a full psychological evaluation to separate out emotional factors and diagnose the presence of this disorder in a scientific manner; in addition to self-report measures and symptoms.
  • Identify the possible complication of other disorders which are neurologically based or sleep disorders (such as insomnia or sleep apnea).
  • Provide a precise treatment plan based upon accurate diagnosis to provide a specific intervention for that individual.
  • Work with the academic and home setting to develop behavioral intervention strategies.
  • Address social skills issues during the school year through group therapy with same age peers to foster social/emotional intelligence.
  • Intervene with a cognitive training intervention and Interactive Metronome program proven successful in reducing anxiety and trauma as well as improving attention symptoms.
  • Testing, diagnosis and treatment of adult Asperger’s.